CCS Photography

Homework Assignments

Due1-12: 1. Read textbook pages 178-185 Key terms worksheet

               2. Watch these 10 videos (about 1 1/2 minutes each):  A   B   C   D   E     F     G      I    J  

               and answer questions on worksheet


Due 1-19:  1. Read textbook pages 186 - 193  Key terms & questions

                          2.  Watch videos:   B    C    D       


Due 1-26:  Read textbook pages 194 - 201.  Go to How to Photograph Interiors  and

                   Interior Photography &Tricks   Complete worksheet.


Due 2-2:  1. Read textbook pages 89 - 94.

                 2. Watch videos:   A   B   C   (Sorry about the commercials, but we have to pay somehow!)  No written work this week.


Due 2-9:  1. Read textbook pages 244 - 251  Take notes as you read in "bullet point" style.  For this section you should have about 8-10 of the most important points written down.

                         2. Watch video: Still-Life Photography Ideas    and   Photolearn   Write down a couple of sentences for each, summarizing the most important information presented in each.


Due 2-16: 1. Read textbook pages 156 - 165.   Watch video:  Pictures of the Year International..  Key terms & questions worksheet.


Due 2-23:  1. Visit these links and answer the questions on the website worksheet:  Mobile Veterinarian  and   Mall-Aise  and  What Is a Photojournalist?


Due 3-1:  1. Read textbook pages 166 - 176  Key terms & questions worksheet

                       2. Look at the following photo documentaries: Starbucks and Rubbish in the Back Alleys (select Slide Show)  and answer the questions on the worksheet.  (If you didn't get a worksheet at the end of class, get one from Mrs. Moore next Thursday in class and turn it in on the 8th.)

Decide on 2 possibilities for your photo documentary.  Have a 1st choice and a backup. E-mail them to me at


Due 3-8:   Shot list for photo documentary.  20 ideas.


Due 3-15:  Read textbook pages 222 - 229. Watch video: Zoo Photography  Do worksheet. Turn in field trip form.


Due 3-29:  Read textbook pages 230 - 238.  Go to websites: Zoo Photography and  Dealing with Different Enclosure Types.    No worksheet.     


Due 4-5:  Go to  American Museum of Photography and complete worksheet.


Due 4-12:  No written homework.  Work on final project.


Due 4-19:  Read textbook pages 130 - 145 and do worksheet. 


Due 4-26:  NOTHING!  Study for your final exams in other classes, or get outside and take some pictures just for fun!       

Photo Assignments

Due 1-5:  Christmas lights/bulb setting assignment - Photograph indoor and outdoor light displays. 

                Get a variety of images, scenes, creative close-ups. 

                Also, try using the bulb setting or a very slow shutter speed to capture a lit night scene,

                moving lights, or lit waterfall or fountain if possible. 

                Turn in your best five images.  Grade will be based on choice of subject matter,

                creativity, technical quality, and variety of images. 150 points


Due 2-9:  Architecture  - Photograph architecture using the techniques you have learned. 

               Ideas: downtown buildings, sculpture, old or ornate churches, wrought iron pieces,

               interesting fences, bridges, reflections,staircases,

               interesting interiors. Look at the sample photos on this website or go to

               and select architecture for more ideas.

               Take photos of full objects as well as close ups of interesting details.

               Turn in your best five images.  Grade will be based on technical quality (focus, exposure, etc),

               choice and variety of subject matter, and use of architectural photography techniques.   150 points


Due 2-16: Still Life - Shoot your choice of still life subjects.  Must be indoors, no flash. 

                Try window lighting and a little reflected light for the

                best results.  Submit 1-3 images.  Your best will be graded.  100 points


Due 3-1:  One black & white indoor portrait.  Journalistic style, natural lighting.  100 points


Due 3-15:  Images only due for photo journalism project.


Due 3-29:  Completed photojournalism project.  Minimum of 15 quality black and white images with captions. 

                 You may create a website, power point presentation, or photo album.  Worth 250 points.


Due 4-12:  Final Project - Create images using the techniques you have learned this year. 

                 I will select your best to be entered into the TN Valley Fair Photography Contest next fall.  

                 The subject matter is your choice, color or B&W.  Turn in 5 completely different shots for evaluation.                                   

                 These must be all new shots, taken after March 15th.                 Worth 200 points.